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Happy Home

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

This is for all the homeboys that couldn’t get they happy home
Let’s turn this house into a happy home
Longa as one of us got it, some of us got it.
Just try to understand if I change in time
It’s only ‘cause I never owned anything that’s mine
We were all born hungry in this world alone
Finally moved out my mom’s house, and got a happy home

Though this painting is small, the image is that of celebration of a
Happy Home. It’s much more than just walls and floors, it’s a symbol
of achievement that will provide much more than shelter. What is
desired when living within those four walls, a place to feel safe,
comfortable, a place to feel love. A place to create memories of laughter
and at times tears of sadness. The ultimate goal of a Happy Home one
filled with love and happiness.


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