Linda Antognini Artist
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About The Artist

I have always been a artist. At an young age I was always fascinated with ART, the intoxicating scent of a new box of Crayola crayons, it didn't matter if it was the box of 8, 16 or the mother lode, 64 colorful, beautifully pointed new crayons! It didn’t take me long before I discovered painting. I continued painting as a teenager, a young adult and beyond.

Exploring the world around me, art was always a safe place for me to explore. I am a classically trained Artist. The world and everything around me became my education for art. There was no formal training, it was not necessary as life was the best university for me. I trained myself, life educated me.

You will find my original artworks and paintings from the east coast to the west coast, directions north and south and across Europe. I believe there is no greater gift you can offer to another, then something made from your heart and soul. That is what you will find in my paintings, they are my personal gifts created exclusively for you.

Continuing on my life’s journey, I invite you to share in my passions, my inspirations, together the possibilities are endless.

Thank you, Linda Antognini