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Hail Mary

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

Intense Dark colors, “evil lurks” dark vortex’s spin out of control, “I’m a ghost in these killing fields” death looming all around. A grave is ready for the next body, blood flowing into the grave.

I show life, with beautiful flowers placed near the gravestones, demonstrating they still have a spirit, energy, we shouldn’t forget,
the young life that was taken too early.

Tupac references “GOD” which I represent with the illuminating cross, an evil serpent lies near.
Now “Hail Mary” “We’ve been traveling
on this wayward road.

When death strikes too early,
the question isn’t
How can I learn to detach,
to feel less, but,
How I can live every moment
being more grateful
that I had the opportunity
to love that person at all.

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