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Me Against The World

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

Deep rich colors express the intensity of
hands pushing back against a world
that is filled with constant conflict. Lonely, alone,
it’s “Me Against the World” all by myself, solo.
I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. 
“Without feeling, but will they last or be blasted?”

My consciousness was to universalize Tupac’s
basic message transcribing it with brilliant intuition,
on a wraparound tape that seems to weave through all the continents, in the world.
“What’s the use?
Unless we’re shooting no one notices the youth”

Tupac stresses hope and positive messages that are so closely intertwined with the endless stream of bullets.
“The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons,
Don’t settle for less, even the genius asks questions, be grateful for blessings, don’t ever change, keep your essence,
the power is in the people and politics we address,
always do your best,
don’t let the pressure make you panic”

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