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Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

Grab one by the hand you know what I’m saying
throw up that finger.
You don’t know me I’ve be stressing in the spotlight
I want the fame, but the industry’s a lot like
a crap game, ain’t no time for commitment, I gotta go
let’s find a spot for you to do me, in the dark
now that’s it’s passion, hold me tight
don’t need lights, I can see you by the moonlight
I know your man ain’t lovin you right
you’re lonely and depressed you need a Thug in your life
enough talkin, you want me to leave, I’ll get to walkin
see you later, cause baby I’m a player

A group of friends, looking up to the night sky,
imagining their life’s are like a crap game, never
sure of the outcome is often the theme that is
played out in their daily life, every day is another gamble.
when faced with the limelight, choices are often
blurred, causing great emotional distress. Woman
are seen as objects of their affection, even if it’s
only for one night, under the moonlight. Making
commitments are often a challenge, which
underscores the “players” difficult relationships.

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