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Teardrops and Closed and Caskets

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

It’s like all we got left – teardrops and closed caskets
The whole town's on a mission, adolescents Penitentiary bound
Will they survive? Two semi-automatic 9's (them niggas died)
Plus nobody in the hood cries
It's like they celebrate to death and wish they could die
Will I... forever be... alone!?

How his baby's mama could disappear with another man (and his best friend)
Now jealousy's dangerous, and if you don't believe me
Then watch the way that this story ends and maybe you'll see
There ain't no heroes or villains, ain't no pleasure in killin'
Just the smoke from the cap peelin', a man with no feelings

Used to be comrades but now we blast on sight
What could be so bad? God, will we last tonight?
From misdemeanors to felonies, small-time to sellin' ki's
I can't believe the shit they tellin' me
They opened fire, three bodies dropped, so call the cops
Precious, Lil' Mo and Trigg – teardrops and closed caskets

Through the darkest days, the saddest of life’s moments, within the dark skies, I paint just a blue sliver of hope. Even after all the tears
have been cried, they nourish the earth, giving life through blooming flowers a renewal of life’s soul.

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