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F**k the World

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

They’re trying to say that I don’t care
Just got up and screamed “Fuck the World” You devils are two faced
Wanna see me locked in chains, dropped in shame
And getting stalked by these crooked cops again
When I was coming up rough that wasn’t even what you called it
That’s way I smoke blunts and run with alcoholic’s
Have I lost control or just another soul?
Damn, they wanna label me a menace
Well homie I don’t give a f**k if you Blood or Cuz
Long as you got love for thugs
A straight thug mother***** who ain’t scared to bust
F**k the World!

The observer immediately feels the power and anger behind a military
style tank, blowing up everything in the path of one’s life, whatever
symbols reflect upon you. The stresses and anger from a life struggling
in turmoil and conflict. Yet, side by side the natural beauty of life
is right there next to you, bold and strong, life source can be within
your vision. It’s a question to think about the truth of your internal
questions of who we are, where do I go from here, and why are
we destroying our world with violence and anger?

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