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So Many Tears

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

I shall not fear no man but God
Though I walk through the valley of death
I shed so many tears
If I should die before I wake Please God walk with me
Grab a nigga and take me to heaven.
Lord, I suffered through the years, and shed so many tears…
Lord, I lost so many peers, and shed so many tears
And Lord knows I tried, been a witness to homicide
Seen drive-bys takin lives, little kids die
Wonder why as I walk by
Broken hearted as I glance at the chalk line, getting high
This ain’t the life for me, I wanna change
Ain’t no future bright for me, I’m stuck in the game
I’m trapped inside a maze.

The story of Claude Newman presented itself to me, when I began
to paint “So Many Tears” I did not know anything about the story,
Or why I was to learn and educate myself on this particular story.
Once I read the story, immediately they converged together, into one painting. Understanding one story became the theme of the
other story, the element of belief in our most terrifying and trying of life’s tribulations, blended together in one story,
perhaps so we would learn about Claude Newman

Claude Newman, an African American born December 1, 1923
In Vicksburg, Mississippi. He shot and killed his step grandfather who was abusing his grandmother. Claude was
Sentenced to death row by execution.
His remarkable story of the miraculous intercession of the Virgin Mary in 1944 to then prisoner Claude Newman.
The Blessed Virgin Mary appears to Claude in clear visions, multiple times, as the story continued there was credible
authenticated proof of these miraculous events.

Therefore, we must never under-estimate the value of
our suffereing joined with that of Jesus Christ’s and, the power loving intercession of Our Blessed Mother in heaven.


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