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Dear Mama

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

There is no symbol in the world to express all the love that every child, teenager, and adult should give to their mother. The Heart comes close.
It’s that mother’s love, that our children
depend on every day of their life.
There are
no rule books, no directions,
we’re going to make mistakes, plenty of
them that’s for sure. 
However, when our child looks beyond
our frailties and imperfections,
making that declaration of love,
you are appreciated. Those sweet words
“You are appreciated”!

The deep passionate color of red signifies
the depth and strength of that
love between a mother and child.
Those embers will always burn for the ones we love.
“I never thought I’d see her face”
the mother’s holding the babies could be anyone’s mother. I too was a single mother back in the 70’s.

Painting “Dear Mama” wasn’t easy, I cried as I painted, and painted as I cried, intense emotion swept over me as I continued to paint, I surrendered and just let it flow through me.

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