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How Do You Want It?

Artist Interpretations, Explanations and Thoughts

How do you want it?
How do you feel?
Coming up as a nigga in the cash game
Living in the fast lane, I’m for real
I’ve been driven by attraction in a strong way
Your body is banging, baby, I love it when you flaunt it
They wanna censor me, they’d rather see me in a cell
Living in hell, only a few of us, will live to tell
Now everybody talking about us, I could give a f**k

Using the color purple combines the calm balance of blue and the fierce energy of red, often associated with power, luxury, and dominance. The
female dancer is an extravagance, an independence that one has freely
created in their life. Passion is felt in the color purple, it brings a sense of fun,
a mystery of vitality’s ambition of wealth and prosperity. One must use their imagination to create the illusion of “How Do You Want It”?

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